Chapter 8 – Finale: The Ultimate Adventure’s Toll on Project MJ

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Once mud dries on a vehicle, such as Zone Offroad‘s Project MJ, it can obscure a lot of dings and scratches.

However, there are certain things that it just can’t hide. For instance, a belly pan dented by boulders encountered on the Ultimate Adventure.

The trails inflicted the most undeniable damage to the front hardware, though. A universal joint gave up the ghost during the event and carried off the inner and outer axle shafts as it departed the useful world. As a result, the lower ball joint was dislocated and the upper unit’s seating was ruined.

Project MJ’s more robust pieces stood out, though. The racing knuckles were bulletproof, as were the big brakes and the highway-capable front suspension bits.

Check out the video to see Zone’s transformed 1990 Jeep Comanche in all of its battle-scarred glory.

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