Wrangler Owner Makes Rear Bumper Into a Water Tank

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Crafty solution turns the JK Jeep Wrangler into its own wash station.

A lot of the mods that you can make to the JK Jeep Wrangler involve removing and/or adding on something, such as installing bigger wheels and tires, or putting on auxiliary lighting. One JK owner found a way to convert an existing part on his Wrangler into an even more useful device.

Youtuber Eddie Zarick came to the realization that the hollow plastic rear bumper on his 2012 Wrangler Unlimited could serve another purpose aside from absorbing crash energy. He turned the empty space inside of it into a water tank. In the above video, he estimates it holds more than seven gallons (keep in mind that adds about 60 pounds of extra weight to the very back end of the rig). The unit already has drain holes on the bottom, so he just drilled a hole (complete with its own cap) in the top of it where he can add water.

Pressurized water tank on a Jeep Wrangler

To get the water out of the tank, Zarick added a pump that fits above the rear diff. That pump automatically turns on when he opens the tap and shuts off when he cuts the flow of water, preventing the need for a secondary switch to control the pump.

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A simple twist of the valve lever connected to the rear passenger side of the JK sends water gushing out – perfect for rinsing beach water off of diving gear or taking a quick shower after being in salt water. After connecting a compact, coiled hose with a sprayer on the end of it, Zarick can use his onboard water supply to give his Jeep a pressurized wash.

To spread his wealth of knowledge, Zarick was kind enough to also make a how-to video so anyone who wants to make this same mod to their Jeep can do it. Check it out below.

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