Poll Names Jeep Wrangler as a Dream Car … But There’s a Twist

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How is the Wrangler not everybody's dream car?

This poll gets an important thing right, but it also gets a lot wrong.

For most of us, a Wrangler isn’t just a vehicle, it’s the Swiss Army knife of the automotive world. There isn’t much it can’t do, and when you do hit that rare roadblock, chances are there’s an aftermarket solution that will help you overcome it. Yes, the Wrangler is just about perfect. And according to this poll from Gold Eagle (makers of Sta-Bil and Heet among other products) our fellow Americans can confirm this.

But there are a few caveats.

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The company polled 2,000 people from across the U.S. to name their dream car. The results? The Ford Mustang comes in first, followed by the Tesla Model S, Wrangler, Corvette, and Camaro. And while Jeep claims the middle spot, the rest of this data is a bit of a head-scratcher.

JK-Forum.com - Dream Cars Chart

Among male drivers, the Wrangler finished dead last, with just 19 percent of the vote. Among women, however, the Jeep was far and away the winner, garnering 81 percent of their votes. We’re not saying that there aren’t plenty of women who love off-roading — hey, the trails are for everybody — but why the indifference from the guys? Like we said before (and we’re probably preaching to the choir here), the Wrangler is pretty much the perfect vehicle.


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Even more surprising: When the country was broken up into six different regions, the two most likely to go for the Jeep — the Midwestern mountain and Pacific coastal states — ended up going for a Land Rover and a Tesla, respectively. Jeep fans, where are you?

JK-Forum.com - Dream Cars Chart

In the end, “Car Experts” chose a Mustang for their dream ride, while car agnostics overwhelmingly swooned for Tesla. And we think this makes sense; after all, Jeep fans are a committed and tight-knit bunch. It may be a cliche, but after looking at this data, “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand,” has never felt more relevant. Lots of people can love the Wrangler, but it takes a special kind of gearhead to choose one as his or her dream car.

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