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Going Topless?!: What is the craziest thing that happened to you?

Old 04-06-2015, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Earth Siege View Post
The ttops and unique airflow this jeep has is why u still have a top. Lucky indeed.
oh I know how fortunate I am!! lol
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Old 04-13-2016, 07:33 AM
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Bringing the thread back from the dead because IT'S SPRING TIME!

My favorite stories:

Funny: Was walking out of the grocery store and saw some guy get out of his wife's Prius and walk over to my Jeep, was poking his head around and took a picture. Talked for a few minutes and he said she made him sell his truck to be eco-friendly LOL.

Annoying: Lived in a college town in VA, had some drunk passerbys leave trash in, open tube doors, etc. Starting locking tube doors after that and no issues.

Bad: In the same town in VA, it was gorgeous all day long and my Jeep was in the parking deck with no doors and a bikini top. Went for a cruise and was about 45 minutes from home when a nasty storm system diverted from the expected course to the valley I was in. Jeep got baptized pretty nicely.

Awesome: My girlfriend wasn't thrilled about the Wrangler upon the initial purchase (safety concerns, knowing I'd mod it out like the last Jeep, etc.) Picked her up on my 8th day of owning it with no top or doors for an after-work cruise. First words out of her mouth once we were out were "I need one." Marrying her next year, and the plan is to get her a JK shortly after
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Originally Posted by junoh View Post
This happened to me the other day in front of the grocery store, just as I was getting ready to leave. A mom and little girl are heading to their car (a volvo wagon). Girl: Mom that truck has no top and doors Mom: Thats not a truck honey it's a Jeep ( this made me chuckle) Girl: (after a moment)..... Can we get a Jeep Mom?
Love it!! Smart little girl!! Look out, the Jeep seed was planted that day... Fellow Jeeper in the making...

These are some remarkable stories. Love it!

Nothing crazy or not wet (yet) for me.

My bride was driving Jeep the other day and some mail that needed to go to post office flew out. Yes she turned around and found it.

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I just registered here but I have a story...

In 2001 we had a TJ. It was the middle of winter in NE TN and our water heater went out. We took the top off the Jeep and the rear seat out, went and picked up our new water heater and brought it back home 100 miles in 05 degree weather. The water heater was sticking up over the roll bar by at least a foot. We just went ahead and took the half doors out too. Totally topless.
We got some crazy looks and some people just shaking their heads at us.
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Back in the 80's forgot once to latch down the hood of my old CJ5 and once I hit about 40 mph on A1A in south Florida had it flip up, unhinge and flip over the vehicle, landing (luckily) on the road behind me. Word to the wise....don't forget to latch hood locks.
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Drove an hour outside of slc for an Easter party. 80 degrees so we were topless/doorless. Broke my ankle on the trampoline that day so spent the night up there. Woke up the next morning to find 18inches of snow in the jeep.

Best of all, my buddy didn't know how to drive stick. So when we drove home I ended up sitting in the backseat with my leg elevated, teaching my buddy how to drive stick all while in the freezing snow. Good times.
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Default Adding to the madness

I have a story. But it is not a completely topless story. I had a jeep
Cj5 and I took the doors off of it in the summer periodically. I showed up to my
girlfriend at the times house and her fathers friends were in awe with my
jeep and decided we should go wheeling on a "trail they know" I just got out of a class at the community college and had all my stuff in the back we go down this trail it is easy at first and then turns into a perpetual nightmare of mud bogs and after powering threw most of them I can't turn back and I'm at the foot of a water crossing I attempt it I get water up past the door wells water is increasing deeper I have to cut off the engine for fear of hydrolocking thankfully the water crossing had a bank I could winch too and get up the whole interior was covered including me and every passenger all of my books and homework And projects I explained to my professors by holding up my book bag and opening it showing the contents of the bag which used to be books. Never will I just got to a trail someone just knows and they say it won't get any worse then this nor will I wheel without another rig ever again.
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Old thread, but figured you guys might like this one:

So I work part-time for an automotive blog and a few years back we got a brand new 2015 Wrangler in December to test drive for the weekend. Happened to be the winter that the NorthEast got hit with a ton of snow, so we took advantage: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Yeah, we got a few looks
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Since this thread has been revived I thought it would only be appropriate to add an entry.

This past Saturday I was heading home from work on a typical North Texas Spring day where the wind is blowing 35+ from the south. As an avid doors and top off guy I seat belt all my valuables in. Well when you have a 35+ mph side wind no matter what is seat belted in it will move. I had my backpack depart the passenger seat and end up in my lap going down a country road at 60 mph. Needless to say it was a rather rude awakening. Minding my own business and enjoying the Spring weather and wildflowers and boom there is a backpack in your lap.

That is all, Carry On.

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Default funniest moment

Originally Posted by 48XXL View Post
I was stationed in Guam and used to have a chicken roost under my passenger seat everyday in the parking lot at the base. Was a blast to offer people rides. They would start to climb in and the chicken would explode out from under the seat and give them a heart attack. Bonus was free egg now and again.

Ok I think that their are a few funny experiences, and I have enjoyed reading them all, but this has got to be the oddest and picture it and you can't help but laugh.

thanks everyone for the stories I have only had mine for a couple months and being in the high desert and then deploying I havn't had the chance to pop the top and doors. but thanks to all of you I know what I am in for.
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Quick Reply: Going Topless?!: What is the craziest thing that happened to you?

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